Who Built It?

Built by a Britisher (sic) in 1868, this landmark property in Alleppey town was thereafter the home of Mr. Raheem’s family for over a hundred years. Then some ten years ago it was bought by a small Indo-European company who run it today as a Heritage Hotel of India.

Old Main Hall

‘New’ Main Hall

RR’s Facelift

Main Hall

When we took over we gave the Main House a sensitive facelift without disturbing much of its integrity. Yes, it appears rather different now but a closer look will reveal that not much has changed.

Take the Main Hall (see pics). We had to put in a new floor. We tore down the existing ceiling only for the magnificent original high wooden ceiling to reveal itself. That was a day of some celebration! But apart from a lick of paint and a few new lights, we’re still way back in time today.

Marriage Hall

Aside from the Main House there was the Marriage Hall and some out buildings. The Hall was used in Mr Raheem’s time for political meetings. Gandhiji and Nehru are said to have attended once. And many a rowdy bachelor party was hosted here. But what about the spinsters, we often wonder? Poor things. They didn’t get a look in. The Marriage Hall is now three Deluxe rooms.

Deluxe Rooms in old Marriage Hall

Old Uncultivated Garden

New Pool

Other Buildings

Some Out Buildings are now our Ayurvedic area celebrating a 5000 year old tradition of Indian medicine and well-being. Chakara Restaurant is new. Architect Lalichan hoisted it on top of original coconut stores, facing out to the Arabian Sea.

Swimming Pool

And as for the swimming pool, there wasn’t one so we dug out a big hole in the uncultivated garden and set the local boys to work.


All told, we feel we have maintained the authenticity of this old property but with no compromise on the modern-day concepts of comfort and luxury.

We love the combination. Do come and join us!